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3-Page Templates

User-Friendly, Organized, Professional Websites made Just for You!

We Know the Economy is Tough Right Now - SOS Web Designers to the Rescue!

Your website will be custom and original. However, please Enter the Template Number that you like so we have a start of your design creation.
Remember, this is only a start, your website will be customized to you!

Note: Any sample below can be used for any type of business, hobby, profession, etc and modified to your own image.

Click To View Template #1
Zumba Fitness Sample
- Template 1 -

Click To View Template #2
Spa/Salon Sample
- Template 2 -
Click To View Template #3
Personal Trainer Sample
- Template 3 -
Template Two - New Window Will Open
Click To View Template #4
eResume Sample
- Template 4 -
Click To View Template #5
Science/Research Sample
-Template 5 -

Click To View Template #6
Cafe/Restaurant/Coffee Shop Sample
- Template 6 -
Click To View Template #7
Modeling Portfolio Sample
- Template 7 -
Click To View Template #8
Construction/Home Improve. Sample
- Template 8 -

Click To View Template #9
Doggie Daycare Sample
- Template 9 -
Click To View Template #10
Florist/Design Sample
- Template 10 -

Click To View Template #11
Home-Based/Small Business Sample
- Template 11 -
Click To View Template #12
Clinic/Healthcare Sample
- Template 12 -

Your website will be custom and original.
However, please Enter the Template Number that you like so we have a start of your design creation. Thanks!

Should you have a website?

If you have a business, you should have a website. Period. However, you want to make certain your website is professionally made and a good representation of your image.

Your website is an important part of your business. Make sure you treat it as such. The price that we are offering at having a website - to provide information to your customers, to put yourself ahead of other applicants with an eResume, to stay in touch with loved ones or any other reason - is definitely well worth it! SOS Web Designers will customize any of our templates just for you! WE BUILD YOUR CUSTOM WEBSITE! You don't have to hassle with online templates and end up looking like everyone else. We will create your online-image and get you on the Internet fast!

Why are we selling these templates at such an inexpensive cost? 

Having a website is very important since the Internet is the driving force of reaching out to potential customers, regular customers, and everyone else 24/7. Unfortunately, the economy makes it difficult for several small or home-based businesses to even think of having a presence on the Internet. People are shocked when they discover us and find out that they can have a custom website all at a fraction of the cost of other web companies. If we can help others succeed just by offering affordable custom designs, then we reached our main goal! Because our overhead is minimal, we are able to offer this awesome price and at the same time, help others.

How does this work?

- You pick one of the custom user-friendly, organized professional templates we have to offer above
- SOS Web Designers will customize a top banner made especially for you by using your photos or images
- We can change the color scheme of the template to match your top banner and best match your unique image
- You will have three pages: Main Page, About or Service Page and Contact Page (you pick your own titles)
- Your template will include a Navigator Bar that will link to your pages
- You can choose to have a photo gallery of up to 25 photos on Page Two
- One email address with your domain name will be created (using your hosting account) and added to your Contact page
- Don't have a hosting or domain name? We can help you with whatever necessary to get your web live - inexpensively!

Need more?

The templates above are considered static websites, meaning that they are used for informational purpose and meant to get you Internet-visibility quickly. SOS Web Designers objective is to offer you an affordable way to have your own custom, professional website that will push you to the next level of succeeding in your business or venture.

We have several options/features we can offer you once you are ready to move forward in developing a larger website or adding on to your three-page custom website. Please feel free to see a small samples of our other website projects.

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Note to Other Web Designers: Please refrain from stealing our hard, original work. Thank you.


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