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SOS Web Designers: e-Commerce and Carts

e-Commerce & Carts

Whether you are planning a web site to market or sell your goods and services, or you want to establish a business-to-business portal, our staff has the experience, expertise and energy to deliver a robust, reliable and scalable system that meets your needs.

To help you jumpstart your project, here are a few questions you should think about before you jump in. If you want to do more that just think about these questions, contact us and we will help you get things rolling.

  1. Do you have a Company Registered? (LLC, Inc, Partnership, Assumed Name)

    Have you contacted and setup a merchant account?

    Have you contacted and setup a payment gateway or SSL?

    Do you have a firm understanding of the process from a client visiting your site all the way through delivering the services/goods, including a way to track all this?

    Do you have a strategy for driving Internet traffic to your web site and being able to accurately measure and analyze this traffic? If you answered no to any of these, don't worry. We're Here to HELP!!

Any business that wants to sell products on the Internet will likely want to use a shopping cart. Shopping carts allow users to place items selected into a holding area, which is used to bunch together items for sale in total.

We can help you set up a e-Commerce site that will meet your many needs.

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SOS Web Designers:

What Is Hosting?

Just as you need a computer, modem and a web hosting company to connect to the Internet, your web site will also need these things.

A web hosting company provides a server or servers for companies to use to place their web sites. These servers can be setup with a variety of operating systems and capabilities. The hosting company also provides certain bandwidth for your web site to use, which equates to the amount of data that can be transmitted.

Hosting companies provide packages that include bandwidth, storage and capabilities for certain prices. The most basic of hosting packages usually ranges from a five to twenty dollars a month. This type of package usually is for minimal web sites that do not have any need for dynamic content. In other words, the site is presentation/informational purposes only.

Packages that include dynamic capabilities, including ASP, JSP, Perl, etc. can cost twenty dollars and upwards, some packages starting at hundreds of dollars a month. Most small to medium web sites can purchase hosting packages for twenty to seventy-five dollars a month.

We can provide recommendations for the best solution that fits your purposes.

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SOS Web Designers:

Graphics, Flash?

Almost all web sites need some type of graphical presentation. Static graphics are usually created as gif or jpeg files. There are a number of ways to create graphics that provide a dynamic presentation. Animated GIFs, flash, etc. While these graphics provide a flashy presentation for your customers there are also drawbacks to using such graphics.

Animated GIFs files are large, which can slow down your web site and cost you precious bandwidth. Flash graphics are a good solution, but using flash for your entire web site could cause most search engines to ignore your web site, since they check your web site for text content and do not search flash graphics.

We suggest a balanced web site so that you get the most benefit out of your investment.

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SOS Web Designers:

JSPs or ASPs?

There are many ways to create web pages. Static web pages usually use HTML (note: this web site you are on is considered a static web site). Dynamic web pages have many different implementations.

ASPs were created by MicrosoftTM. ASPs (Active Server Pages) use Visual Basic, a Microsoft language to make the web pages dynamic. The biggest drawback with ASPs is that you must run on a Microsoft server. Most of us know how reliable our PCs perform. In most cases, a Microsoft server is nothing more than a larger faster PC. JSPs (Java Server Pages) use Java an open source language from Sun to make the web pages dynamic. JSPs are platform independent and can run on Microsoft, Unix, Linux or any other server.

Unix and Linux servers are much more stable than any other server operating system.

We suggest JSPs since they are more stable than ASPs, but we can develop in either implementation.

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SOS Web Designers:


Databases store dynamic information.

You may want to collect customer information, or present dynamic information in a shopping cart. Databases allow you to search, retrieve, store, update and delete information dynamically. Any database can be used for storing information.

We offer an affordable database that will meet your needs.

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SOS Web Designers:


Advertising, Engines?

All web sites need advertising of some nature so that people can find your site on the Internet.

Users can only find your site though links from either a search engine, banners, or links on other sites, such as directories, or independent web sites.

Submission to search engines can be free, but unless you happen to be sorted to the top of the search, your site is unlikely to be recognized.

Most search engines also sell advertising called, "pay per click". This advertising usually charges an account based on the number of users that click your link on an advertisement to come to your site.

We believe that it is better to customize your solution to fit your specific needs. We can help you make that determination.

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SOS Web Designers:




Color Chart

The chart below represents several meaning for color. Each color may represent another emotion to you. Use your best judgment when dealing with color and make sure to get feedback on the colors you use. SOS Web Designers will help recommend the best colors for your web site.

Using Colors to connect With Your Audience

When choosing colors for your design, remember a few rules for mixing colors. The human eye cannot focus on red and blue at the same time. Trying to read red type on a blue background or vice versa causes extreme eye fatigue. Your audience will not be receptive to your message if it hurts them to read it. Never, ever use blue type on a red background and even worse, is red type on a blue background.

Most colors go well together with members of the same "family". Warm colors of type, such as red, brown, orange and yellow look better together in combination warm colored backgrounds; cool colored type like blue, green, gray and white with cool colored backgrounds. Using color families generally makes for a more appealing presentation, especially for large amounts of information.

Contrast is fun and can be used effectively to accent information and draw attention to items. In general, keep the contrast low. Too much contrast makes your work difficult to digest. For type, keep the contrast reasonable no matter what colors you’re working with. If your background has a value of, say 20%, and the type has a value of 80%, it presents a subtle look that's easy on the eyes and is graphically appealing. Avoid the extremes.

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